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Community Service

It was flip flop weather yesterday finally! So I dug out my pink Havaianas. I live in my flip flops during nice weather days but today we are back to gray and cold, typical.

So I went to Bottomless Lake for a walk the other day. Chhaya explored the forest while I followed her. There is still plenty of snow and ice here.

At the lake I was delighted to find a bunch of beer cans, a used tampon, a condom wrapper, all the usual stuff you expect to find in the forest, especially in such a remote place like Alaska. This is completely normal here btw. So I did some community service (as usual) not court ordered. Picked up all the beer cans and moved the tampon to a fire place by the lake. Like, "Let's go to the lake, get wasted and fornicate. I'll bring the condoms and you make sure to pull out yer tampon before I stick it in." People are so gross. Then I continued the community service yesterday at the road by my house, pretty much the same treasures laying around. Beer cans, condom wrapper, lots of tissue, many cigarette butts and an empty bottle of Jäger. Didn't belong to me, I would never litter. I feel it takes minimal effort and very little time to do this and I don't mind spending some time once in a while doing something for others, in this case my surroundings than do nothing at all. And I want to add here that I hate people that trash and litter, they just ooze low class and lack of refinement. Very selfish behavior.
I can't stand that.

I am not the only one picking up random idiot's trash around here. Other people volunteer their time too, I see them on the side of busy roads now that it warmed up a bit here and the snow melted somewhat. Some of them are old. If THEY can do it, so can YOU. But the best solution is, DO NOT litter. Yeah, this was another, in a string of many blog entries where I brag about how good I am. Get used to it. I can't help it, I really am this way. 100 % smug. ;-)
It's easy to feel good about yourself if and when you do something good. Try it!


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Kay on :

And you are funny!

Angelica on :

Good job showing mother earth some love!!

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