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Tampon Fund

Tati's Tampon Fund is up and running! I got some stickers and put it all together last night at work. All the donations will go to a women's and kids shelter, victims of domestic abuse and sexual assault, LeeShore Center in Kenai. I have never been there. I usually beat my men and they have to go to a shelter for abused men. Yea, I am mean like that. ;-)
So I hope to be able to scramble together something for this fund. Something is better than nothing. Besides that I am at work right now and it is totally lame so far, what a waste of my DiorShow mascara! Well, not completely a waste of time I take that back......I managed to collect $ 19 for Tati's Tampon Fund! A good start I have to say.
It is 1 28 am and I am getting dressed and driving home.


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Angelica on :

Your hair looks super blonde n I love it!!

Tatiana on :

It's the black light enhancing my beautiful gray hair! :-)

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