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The other day when I was getting some groceries I saw this man in the store together with a woman that I assume was his wife or girlfriend. He comes into my work once in a while. Actually I do remember now that he told me he is married. Anyhow, when I saw him in the store I just walked by, I don't think he saw me. The thing with him is that every time he comes in he stares at me like Urkin the town rapist. I don't like that. Creepy. And to top things off, he has asked me three times how much. You know, for sex. Really? He even offered to give me $ 500 for it. Of course I jumped at the opportunity to make a fortune like that! NOT! What do I look like, a village dweller from Kazakhstan? After telling him a firm but polite no twice, the third time he had the nerve to to bargain and plead his case with me I told him to shut his trap. One more time and I will have him kicked out and banned from coming back. 500? Really? I have said it before, IF I was going to sell my VAGINE (pronounced vazhïn Borat style) it would not be in some dusty little town with limited potential for that kind of business.
And definitely not for a meager 500. If you are going to do that you need to be savvy and charge high. Because it is possible. Therefore I do not understand why young pretty girls do porn. They don't even make that much. A few hundred for some sloppy gross bj that involves body fluids (romance explosion) and around $ 1500 for a forever traumatizing dp. Why do it for cheap in porn when you can freelance or work in a brothel and make at least the same or more and use condoms so you don't get herpes or something else? If you are going to have sex with random people for money anyways. I am not into sex with random people and not into selling my VAGINE.
Never felt the slightest temptation. Not my cup of tea.


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