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Look.......I finally found a Kaladi 16 ounce to go mug for my lattes. I have been looking for one but it needed to be at least 16 ounces, because that is the size latte I get.
The other week when I went to Kaladi with my Starbucks to go mug, some snarky lame old fart said, "Getting coffee at Kaladi in a Starbucks mug?" And, "Friends don't let friends drink Starbucks". I looked at the fogbone and said, "Whatever, at least I am not drinking out of a disposable cup like you are". Spare me your preaching please. But I have been wanting a Kaladi mug since it is my fave coffee place here in Alaska.
And I need two mugs to rotate anyways with my daily latte habit.

So back in 2002 I got tired of dancing in Vegas and went to London for a few months, thinking that perhaps dancing would be fun and good there. Ha! It was awful, I was seriously a broke stripper in London. It is an expensive town and I had to sometimes be on a budget after paying for rent, food and other expenses. I needed to do some shopping too! I worked at a few different clubs. Two Spearmint Rhino locations, some club called Secrets, a club called The Bad Bing Club and an other place called LAPD (that stood for lap dance and pole dancing) and a few more but I can't remember the names of the clubs anymore. I must have Alzheimer's.....already! I checked out the Windmill club but it seemed to be a weird place, you were supposed to sit and drink with the guys. Not my kind of place. I wanted to work at Stringfellows and I auditioned but didn't get hired. My butt was really big in 2002 and I don't think Peter Stringfellow was looking for a huge, pasty white butt at his club. I remember auditioning there. It was me and probably 15 or more girls, we all stood in line. Each went up on a small stage, we had like 30 seconds to twirl around the pole and take our tops off while an expressionless manager sat in a large armchair and watched and either nodded or shook his head. Like some kind of an emperor. I think one or two girls got hired and I wasn't one of them. Anyhow. At the Spearmint Rhino I met a cool chick from Ukraine, her name was Anastasia and I rented a room from her in Golders Green, a Jewish neighborhood. She cooked me Ukrainian style borscht and she was also three months pregnant by some guy from an African country (can't remember which one). He was a real sleazeball because he was married to a Swedish chick while dating Anastasia for years and that whole drama was interesting to say the least.....One night at Spearmint Rhino Anastasia met some young dignitary from some far away place, I think it was Azerbaijan. He always had two large gorilla looking body guards with him wherever he went, even into the strip club. We went to the movies with him and the gorillas, to some restaurants and stuff. He was actually really cute and paid for all the entertainment.
But Anastasia had to break it off with him, it was never anything serious from her side and she was pregnant anyways. She stopped dancing when she couldn't hide her growing belly anymore. At the Bada Bing I became good friends with the dj, Armando. We still check in with each other on occasion. He took me sightseeing and I met one of his fun and crazy dj friends Scott. Fun times playing records at his place. I also learned how to greet people in the proper English way, "Oi". I love saying oi. It sounds fun!
Me and Armando met up a few months later in Los Angeles after I was back in the US again and went to Together As One (a freakin' fantastic rave). Armando was super cool and opened up my eyes and mind to many different and interesting subjects, those are the kind of friends I like to make.
I also met and became friends with a girl from Georgia. Her name was Georgia at work too. We would hang out and do stuff together. Back then I was "in love" and completely obsessed with Keith Flint form The Prodigy and all I wanted was to meet him and make him fall madly in love with me. Well, that didn't happen although I got to know some people that took me to three Prodigy shows (one of the shows was in Glasgow). And I met and dated a guy that used to be a Prodigy member. Yep. His name was Leeroy.
He liked to party. And make out. I was more interested in the making out part, the rock star party lifestyle didn't do anything for me. One night while sleeping over at Georgia's she told me bleach or tweeze some peach fuzz above my lip. She was concerned Leeroy might think I had a mustache. LOL! What else happened in London........? I got my first platform Swear boots. I still have them. And these
I went to a club I absolutely love called Fabric. My kind of place. It's an old factory
(I think) and looks like it too. No plush couches or bottle service. Dark and grimy, top notch sound system with a total body buzz base and amazing music. Fabric has been voted the number 1 club (out of 100) twice, I understand why. I would go back to London again just for a night at Fabric, it is that good. I went to one rave somewhere in London but it was lame. I did lots of sightseeing. Pierced my tongue after having a very vivid dream that I should. Why was I broke? Strip clubs in London were kind of lame. Maybe they are better nowadays, I don't know. The guys (the English blokes) had to be super wasted to be relaxed enough to spend money and talk to the girls. And I think sloshed people are annoying and I don't have much patient with idiots in general. I am impatient and have a temper. The money wasn't good (I did have some ok nights) and there were tons of hookers from Russia and Brazil working in the London strip clubs. And how do you "compete" with that? Anyhow, after some interesting months in the English capital I went home to Sweden for a visit. Then I flew into LA, went to Together As One and arrived back home in Vegas and went back to work at Crazy Horse Too.


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john on :

Was the "fogbone", very good word, a short heavy guy with glasses? He usually is there in the afternoon about 3 and he would be someone that would make that type of remark. He basically is harmless, sort of a social busy body, when we used to fish on the Kenai, he had to wave and yell at every boat we passed during the trip.


Tatiana on :

Hmmm......maybe glasses, did not pay attention to his physique. I know he is harmless, some people are social like that. " Wave and yell at every boat we passed during the trip" - LOL. That is actually nice.
Glad you appreciate the word fogbone!

Mr B on :

I liked the beer shot with Chhaya too. You could do advertising. I also liked the my cup is not disposable line. Good ethos.

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