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I am feeling so bored and unmotivated.......I don't know why. Well, I DO know why.
I live in the most boring place ever. There is nothing going on here and my days look the same, everyday is the same. I can't wait to move. Maybe soon.
Yes, I might......MIGHT be leaving Alaska in the not so distant future.
So today when I pulled up to Coffee Roasters (my excitement for this afternoon, yippie!) I noticed a little lost girl dog. All alone, scurrying around and looking nervous. She had a collar. I got out of the car and tried to get her to come over to me but she got scared and took off running across the parking lot and towards the busy road. I felt so bad and scared that she would get hit by a car. I hope somebody will be able to pick her up and return her to her owner.
I saw a cat get hit by two cars a long time ago. It was awful, that poor thing tumbled across the road and I can still remember his face. It makes my stomach ache when I think back to that and I want to cry.
I know that some people around here let their dogs run loose but I would think twice about doing that. Some people shoot stray dogs that go in on their property, it's crazy but they do. Each year there is a discussion around here about people that shoot other people's dogs.
I am lucky with Chhaya, I can let her outside and she will stay close to the house.
Either lay right outside on the porch or in the grass. Or go sniff close by in the forest. She always comes right away when I call her. If I had an issue with her running away I would not risk it and keep her supervised at all times or on a long leash. If I would lose her it would be entirely my fault and I would be devastated.
One more thing about dogs. I have spoken to a few people in the last couple of weeks that got rid of their dog (euthanized) because the dog bit somebody else in a situation that could had been prevented. When I was a little, around three years old we had a dog and a cat in the household. The dog bit me and the cat scratched me. I pulled on the cats tail while it tried to get away from me under the bed. I was probably pestering it and naturally the poor cat turned around and scratched me. The dog bit me because I climbed on top of him and bounced up and down on his back. He growled, the baby sitter didn't react in time and the dog bit me on my ear. I remember a lot of blood and laying in bed when my Mom came home. Did my Mom get rid of her pets? Of course not. They were not viscous. They reacted in a normal way. My Mom had told me many times not to bother the cat or the dog but when you are a toddler you are a toddler. Therefore when you have small children around animals you should always pay extra attention to make sure to avoid situations like these. The bite from the dog healed and I learned my lesson and the scratch from the cat healed too. I would never let a small child be around Chhaya's food bowl when she eats. That is a given. You can have the friendliest dog but when there is food involved they react in a way that is natural for them. The pack mentality and hierarchy. I can stick my fingers in Chhaya's bowl and take it away from her if I want to, she lets me. I don't bother her like that on purpose, I leave her alone when she eats but I have been feeding her all her life and she feels secure with me and her food. I can put food in my mouth and she will gently take it.
But I would not let a child stick their fingers in her bowl, even come close to Chhaya when she eats, chances are she would bite and I would never get rid of Chhaya if that happened. Ever. A situation like that can happen in an instant but it can also be prevented. How sad to put down a beloved dog because you did something stupid that could had been prevented. It's not the dogs fault. In general small children should always be supervised with animals.
One more thing that popped up in my inbox today. Police shooting dogs. I have seen that a lot and it really bothers me. They seem to be way too trigger happy when it comes to shooting dogs. For no reason than some excessive barking in some instances. I don't want trigger happy cops out there. Cops are just as unbalanced and psychotic as the rest of the crazies out in society. It doesn't make me feel safe when I know that they have no qualms about shooting an innocent animal. What if this happened to your beloved dog? You should sign this petition. SIGN


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