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I don't have much exciting to report today. I am tired because I woke up early.
Decided on staying in tonight instead of working. So I am going to spend the evening with taking a long bath, changing to this light pink nail polish on my toes and applying mud on my face. Those little packages contain mud face mask from the Alaska Glacial Mud Co.
Oh.....I should probably explain here that I was just JOKING about spraying Lysol on the guys before I dance for them. And honking that Barbie horn if I don't get enough money. But I should bring out that Lysol bottle tomorrow night and pretend to spray somebody down just to see how they react. I love joking around. I need to entertain myself somehow. My latest idea is to make a tampon fund for all of us at work and start a collection. I am going to find a large glass jar or plastic container. Write tampon fund on it and attach some (unused) tampons around the rim of the jar and put it out on the bar. I love to do things and say things at work that is not expected. Just to see people's reaction.


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