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In Bed

It's almost 5 pm, a snowy and gray Sunday afternoon and I am in bed. I woke up at 2, went to the store for some food and a latte at Coffee Roasters. Came home, immediately went straight back to bed with my food and read The Ice Princess for about two hours. I have to get up soon, do the dishes and sweep downstairs, it is muddy paws season here. Even when I dry Chhaya's paws off after being outside, there is still a lot of dirt on them and I have to sweep and vacuum if not every day at least every other day.

So if you have been reading my blog for a while you might recall that I wrote about a married couple that came into the club a few months ago, picked up a guy in there and left with him. You can read that entry here
Anyhow, they came in again last night. They seem a little desperate, I don't bother talking to them because honestly although they seem nice and warm I just don't have the energy. Because of that desperate vibe I get. It is obvious that they are looking for somebody.....actually anyone that is willing to go home with them, man or woman.
We now make inside jokes about them at work. Like, who wants to have a threesome tonight? I think it is great that they seem to have a happy marriage and that they are open with each other. I am all for that. Much better than lying and cheating. But I don't want to deal with them. The last couple I danced for was at New York Dolls in New York and as many of the other times when dancing for couples the woman was acting way too aggressive = too creepy for me . The one in New York conveniently forgot to wear her panties that evening, I found that out when she spread her legs open in front of me and showed me all her lady bits. thanks, I am so not interested.
Then she tried to pull me down onto her crotch, she grabbed me around my hips while I leaned as far away from her as I could. This kind of encounter has not been my first at work. Couple, woman not wearing panties, wants lap dance, acts a little too crazy, her partner grinning like a fool. Yeah. But hey, they don't know who they might encounter on a night out. Anything is possible.
Then we had another interesting couple drama take place last night. Some other couple was in earlier in the evening. Too bad that they were not there at the same time as the regular swingers, I would had tried to connect them. Talk about a great match! Well this couple, not sure if married or together but I suspect at least together for a while.
SHE seemed to be interested in getting a job at the club, was even in the office talking to the owner. Nobody is in the office unless you have some business there. Like a new hire going over the rules and the hiring process. Then she came out and sat by her obviously uncomfortable male partner and it looked like she tried to convince him that she too should be dancing. By the look of things, she should not be dancing. I think that she was a little too old to be starting dancing and a little too house wifey looking.
Plus her man was not happy about this, that was so obvious. She really put all her effort into coaxing him to smile and relax a bit, he was very uncomfortable. It was kind of fun to observe. I love people watching. And observe in general.
The swinger couple were the last to leave yesterday. They stayed until the end, after the music had stopped, trying to pick up a girl to go home with them. The result? No luck. We don't even want to dance for them. I think that they would be much more successful finding somebody willing to join them at a place geared towards what they are looking for. A swingers gathering place. Not a strip club. But like I said, you never know what you might encounter on your night out.


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