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The sun is shining, it is warming up and the snow and ice are slowly melting away. Slowly is the word. The whole yard is still covered in a thick layer of hard snow. I went to the beach yesterday and the large ice formations were melting and the water was lazily making it's way down to the ocean.
What did I do exactly one year ago? I can look in my archives. Ok......I had a bad rash on my butt from work. The stage obviously needed a good cleaning. I had a hectic day of running around and sending out my taxes (due date was April 17 last year) and I was in need of a massage. And I put up a kissing picture with Chhaya.
I still need a massage. I always need a massage. I don't have a butt rash today. I did take some kissing pictures with Chhaya today. I do feel stressed out and worried due to some unsettling news I received from Sweden the other day. I didn't sleep well last night and I have a lot on my mind. I feel a nervous kind of energy in my body. And that is my April 17th so far for me.

Look at the thick layer of snow.

I love her.


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Angelica on :

That's a big wet kiss...oh la la ....and stay positive everything's gonna b alright!!! Xoxo

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