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Being Friends

What I wanted to talk about today is being friends with girls at work and outside of work. A lot of times I like the person, who they are but outside of work. Because at work they can sometimes act in ways that are totally inappropriate. I am talking about doing dirty dances for example and breaking the rules. That does affect MY work environment and my income as well. And many of the girls I work with are only looking at the situation from their perspective, how much money they have at the end of the night. Even if that means doing stuff that we are not supposed to do. It makes it difficult to be friends with a a girl that acts like that at work outside of work.
Because she messes up work for me and for the rest of the girls with her behavior.
This is where management SHOULD step in and put an end to it. But in many clubs management looks the other way, it has to do with money. Most of the time, the more money the girl is making the more money the club is making. For example, getting a cut of the dances made. There are always rules, not always followed though and that makes it very annoying and frustrating. I can think that the girl is a total sweetheart outside of work, feel like we have a friendship going but that does not take away the fact that she behaves really bad at work. After a while that will impose on the friendship. At least it will for me. I can't overlook stuff like that. Especially if she is also talking bad about other girls and what they are doing but does pretty much the same thing herself, even worse at times. It would be as if I would sit here and preach about the importance to stick to the rules at work, so it is fair for everybody but then sneak in a few handjobs and blowjobs if I got offered enough money. That would make me a hypocrite, I try not to be one.
Last Friday some guy offered me a few hundred more if I was going to let him touch and lick me under my panties. I said no. No means no with me. Every time. I don't care about the money, I care about me. I made a promise to myself shortly after I started this occupation to not do things that I am not comfortable with. And I don't. Also I have to look at the bigger picture and think about how this will affect me and my co workers in the future. And how that would affect me emotionally. I would not feel good about myself if I had random guys touching me intimately like that. Or if I would touch guys in that way. Some girls are ok with it. If I was ok with that I would perhaps consider working in a brothel or as a very high priced escort. And by the way, a strip club should never ever be about taking it that far. Therefore I prefer to work in clubs where touching is either limited or not allowed at all and that being strictly adhered to.
Then you do not have to deal with girls that act like that and guys who think they can do whatever.


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