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What Am I Doing Here?

It is a little after 1 am and I am at work, it is super slow, I didn't even change out of my regular clothes. For what? What am I doing here exactly again? I could had stayed home. Total waste of time to take a bath and shave. I could had been in bed now, eating, being smelly and hairy. So this is me right now, hoodie (always) and braids.

This week better improve or I am going to throw a major tantrum! So, instead of changing into what I usually wear at work, something skimpy and heels, I sat in the dressing room and occupied myself with phone calls, my computer and cleaning my Hello Kitty make up bag. And now I am going to put on my jacket and drive home.
This was totally LAME! But it's ok. It is what it is.


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