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Sunny Sunday

I have been up since about 9 am this morning. Got all kinds of things done already, there is definitely an advantage to getting up earlier. Now I am waiting for my bowl of soup to cool down so I can eat, I am really hungry. I made chicken soup again, thought that would be a good thing to eat after having that pounding headache yesterday that I suspect I had due to how smokey it is at work. Sometimes I can't be around the bar area where most people congregate because of all the smoke, I have to go and breathe in a clean air pocket somewhere. I hope they make it smoke free here soon, secondhand smoke is really bad for you. But anyways, I feel great today. I am not sure what I am going to do for the reminder of this very sunny Sunday, probably relax, read and watch a movie or two and The Apprentice later.
Here are some pics from a shoot I did in LA. I got my hair curled for it, nothing that I would bother with myself. Too time consuming. Somebody else did it for me.


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Angelica on :

Dawmn girl use a sexy beast!!!! Ohh la la la la la!!!! Yummy!!" BAZINGA!!!!

Tatiana on :

That's right! BAZINGA!

Jeff on :


Tatiana on :

Well.....thank you!

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