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My Girl

Chhaya got to try a new food yesterday. It's called Vital by Freshpet and I found it in the refrigerated section at PetCo. It has blueberries in it and lots of other good stuff.
She scarfed it down, like with almost everything else that I give her.

I keep all of Chhaya's toys in two crates in the bedroom. She rummages through them and picks out whatever toy she wants to play with or nibby on.

Sometimes she tears the stuffing out of her toys because that is what she likes to do and I let her OF COURSE. I want her to have fun and play HER way. Then I decide if I am going to save the toy or not. It is easy to put the stuffing back in and sew it up. It only takes a few minutes. I ❤ my girl!


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Annette on :

Aw....Jasper Jax and I love our daily dose of Tatiana and Chhaya :-) Jax rips the stuffing out of his toys too! When people come over he gets all of his bones and displays them at their feet. Since you like mermaids......have you seen the movie Ondine (with Colin Ferrell) ?

Tatiana on :

How cute that Jax proudly shows all of his bones.
Have not seen that movie, will look it up. Thanx for the tip!

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