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The Best Thing Since......

When you work as a dancer you get a lot of least I do and I think that most dancers do. Some compliments are sincere and others I am sure guys repeat to every girl that sits down next to them, maybe hoping to score a number or something. I have gotten compliments on everything from my toes to my hair and I usually don't pay too much attention to them. Well, tonight an older really nice
(it turned out) gentleman with the name of Larry came in. Larry is from Reno Nevada but lives here now and we had lots to talk about since he basically knows Nevada really well, he even delivered ice to Burning Man a few times. Larry was wearing dark blue jeans, his belt buckle had a large C on it (for Cummins engines he told me), a crisp white and blue shirt and a cap with the Budweiser logo. According to Larry I am the best thing since the invention of the shirt pocket and the classiest lady he has ever met, with skin softer than a powder puff. I never heard the shirt pocket before. Classy - many times. And soft skin, even girls tell me that my skin is soft. I thought that was such a nice compliment that I had to share it. :-)
Well, I am writing from is 1 55 am and we are turning off the lights and closing down for the evening.


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