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Stand Up for Others

While at the gym this afternoon I became the observer to a situation. I was on the upper level sweating on the elliptical. On the lower level two younger guys were working on their arms, lots of arm muscles showing and loud grunting too. There is a retarded boy or young man that frequents the gym too, he is there almost every time I am there. I am not sure what his disability is, it's not like I have asked him but it is obvious that there is something going on. I like him, he is super friendly and is there working out and doing something. Instead of sitting at home, isolating and feeling sorry for himself. Well, the two muscle guys were laughing at him and mocking him, I watched for a while until I was certain about what was going on. Then I got off the elliptical, leaned over the railing and said loudly, "Are you laughing? I am watching you!". The two dummies didn't have much to say besides that their eyes got huge and they were in denial (of course).
Look, when I was little I giggled and made fun of people that were different too, cause I was dumb and didn't know better I guess. Then I grew up and matured and from 14 and forward I knew better than to act like that. I don't like when I see something that is blatantly wrong, whether it is bullying, animal abuse, littering etc. I don't like to see others that don't deserve it get hurt. I am not claiming that I am some kind of a moral superhero like Kick-Ass, although I would love to be like Kick-Ass. I would wear a tight pink and purple superheroine costume with black and gray details and a large glittery T in front, some super cool boots and I would be out there helping the people and animals in need and blasting the evil people with super quifs.
What I am saying is that everybody can speak up, even on the behalf of somebody else when they see something wrong. It's easy, open your mouth and say something!


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