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I decided to challenge myself and try to work a lot for the next ten days or so. I had a large unexpected expense and I don't like to use my savings when I can go to work instead and make $. I also want to do some shopping so I need to put my lazy butt in gear. I can get very lazy and unmotivated when it comes to work because it is so much more convenient and comfortable to stay at home. When I work I have to shave, get ready, drive there, stay there for (sometimes) boring down time, deal with (sometimes) incredibly stupid people. GAAAAAH!!!!! And then of course I also have nights that are super fun. I try to make it fun every night, whether I borrow someones crutches and pretend to be the injured dancer forced to work to be able to pay for surgery, fake an obnoxious Borat accent, put in my crazy looking fake teeth in my mouth, hike up my underwear really high a la stripper fashion 1989.......I make myself laugh all the time. So, let's see if I can live up to this challenge and go to work.

Pic from my collection. Talk about dangerous curves! The angle of the body can do so much in pictures, my butt looks (to me) huge in that pic but I was probably thinner then than I am now......


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