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March 31

Went down to the beach to catch the last sun rays of this month. March 31 already.......It has been three months since New Years Eve, the months went by fast huh? Did you make any New Years resolutions and stuck to them? Have you done anything special? Anything good?
I did not make any resolutions, I stopped doing that a long time ago. What I can say is that I think my life is kind of boring and stagnant right now, although I am healthy and mostly happy and for that I am very grateful, that I want to point out because those are things that are priceless but I still wish for some kind of a positive change of direction for my own life in 2013. And that might come. If not, will come sooner or later. Change always happens and is always looming around the corner, whether it is for better or worse. What I do have to look forward to is my trip to Chicago in May and experiencing (finally) Burning Man in August.
Well, the last sunset of March 2013. Sunsets make me a little melancholic. I feel small in comparison to the sun, the ocean, the sky.......nature. And I usually miss my family and my friends, often wondering if they too look at the sunset........and think of me.


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Anonymous on :

Those are beautiful pictures. Is it the Pacific Ocean? I believe whatever you want is yours.... I am sure your life has a positive impact on your family, friends and the people you influence. Whatever you put out in life comes back to Jasper Jax and I are believing for something great to come your way! - Annette

Tatiana on :

Awwwww - Thank You Annette & Jasper Jax!
The pics are from the beach in Kenai where I live and that is technically at the Cook Inlet of the Pacific Ocean. (If that makes sense).

Anonymous on :

Hahaha....I forgot it was April fools day. You are a trickster!!!! You live in a beautiful place. The closest I've been to that part of the country is Seattle. Jasper Jax and I moved from Kansas to Minneapolis, Mn 5 years ago. We are not really in love with the cold. I'm a Clinical Laboratory Scientist , and I work in a Infertility Lab. I was looking up stuff about North Dakota and saw your blog. Jasper Jax and I think you and Chhaya are so much fun and interesting to read and watch. So now you know that you are reaching all kinds of people......thanks for sharing your life and adventures.

Tatiana on :

And that was going to be my next question to you......! I was wondering who you are, suspected that you were a dancer maybe, since there are some dancers that read the blog. And now I know! You have a nice job, you are doing good stuff!
There are actually two clubs I want to try out in Minneapolis, I have been thinking about going there for a while now.

Angelica on :

Beautiful pictures. I love seeing the sunset/rise it fuels my soul. Can't wait up see you and take sun pictures over lake Michigan.!

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