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All About Business

So the other night while I was sitting and talking to some people at work a guy told me, "You are alllllll about business". I didn't even protest just kind of brushed it off you know. If I would allow myself to get fired up by everything I witness at work
(bad behavior, girls breaking rules CONSTANTLY, guys acting like total asses etc etc) then I would be walking around in a constant stage of irritation. Maybe that's why some people drink or smoke weed on a daily basis, to take that edge off but I am sober.
This guy obviously doesn't know me, although he did mention that he reads my blog.
To my surprise another girl at work told him about my blog. He probably doesn't read on an everyday basis which is fine btw, cause if he did he would know that I am not all about business.
Don't get me wrong. I work so I can support myself, it costs money to live. I am not a house wife that gets taken care of by the husband. I mean YOU go to work also so you can pay your bills, put food on your table and take care of all your other expenses, right? I know of plenty of people that absolutely HATE their jobs but they work because they have to. So yes, work is business. I live in a small town (right now) and there is not much to do here. I do not like going to any of the other bars around here and hang out so I might as well go to work and make money, right? If I was in Vegas still or any other city where there is a plethora of night clubs, restaurants, shows and various sources of entertainment then I would much rather enjoy any of those other options than go in to the strip club for a night of work. I work so I can make money, yes I do. But I don't hate my job, actually it can be rather fun.
See the girl this guy was sitting with was going to lunch with him the next day,
I happened to sit next to them when they talked about it and he invited me join and I (politely) declined. So that automatically made me "all about business". Trust me, I am probably the girl that is the least about business in the club. LOL. But I am not going to go to any lunches, dates, give out my number or get random guy's fingers dug up in between my ass cheeks while doing dances because that kind of business is not the business that I conduct. I much rather not have that money.
Do not be fooled you guy that thinks that I am all about business. If the girl you took to lunch was NOT about business then she would not have allowed you spend any money on dances from her the other night. I didn't even ask you for a dance. And when I do dances I don't aggressively push for another dance like some girls do. I am not saying it is good or bad, I am only making a point.
Of course I go into work (and my place of work happens to be a strip club) to make money, I like having good nights but it is not all about business with me, if it was I would be acting like a total slut at work (like sadly many of my co workers do) just to make as much money as I can......and I don't. See? So no, I am not ALL about business.
I am all about not bending any of my comfort levels at work and at the same time make money. I occasionally decline dances. If a person seems to have bad hygiene I will not traumatize myself be giving them a lap dance. No way. Or if a person is too grabby or aggressive. No thanks. Or give dances to a boyfriend's friend or relative. Also dancing for a friends boyfriend/husband/Dad while the friend is not present. That is creepy and speaks volumes about integrity.
I turned down some money last night. We have a couple that comes in to the club a lot, sometimes together and sometimes separately. The guy used to do some work for the club and the girl is currently employed by the club (not as a dancer). I feel like they are my friends although I don't hang out with them outside of the club. I was asked to dance for them last night but I just couldn't. NOT because they are smelly or gross in any kind of way. It is the other way around, they are both good looking, the girl is a knock out. BUT I feel like I KNOW them and dancing for him or her would only feel kind of funny and I would only be shy. So I told him to keep his money and gave him a hug instead. Every situation has a different dynamic, of course I sometimes give dances to people that come in to the club on a regular basis and that I feel like I have a friendship with but I still dance for them. Do I make sense?

That is all for me this Sunday. It is noon. My phone rang BEFORE 11 and woke me up. Note to people out there, do not call a dancer before 11 am unless it is something very urgent that can't wait. I usually don't go to sleep until anytime between 4 and 6 and I need and love my sleep........


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Angelica on :

That Guy is a HATER!!! AND expect a call from me tomorrow at 10:59am sharp so I can tell you hello/

Tatiana on :

OK, yes please wake me up with a hello/hi/how are you......

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