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Saturday Start

HELLO Saturday! Not too shabby out, kind of warmish, the snow is melting away. I hope it melts away fast. I started my Saturday off with a visit to the gym. Here I am........and no I don't work out wearing only a sports bra, I took my t-shirt and hoodie off for the pic so you can admire my fine physique......or my pink and yellow sports bra, whichever you prefer. ;-) I would be way too cold working out at a drafty, air conditioned gym in only a sports bra on top. I get cold easy and it looks a little funny to me when ladies run around in small sports bra's at the gym, it looks better in pictures than reality (for some).

Then I got happy because I found this blueberry drink from Sweden at the store! YUM.

Stopped at Coffee Roasters for my latte and drove home.

Now I am going to take Chhaya out and later it is time for work. My day is far from over, another 10 or 11 hours to go........


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B on :

Very fine physique :-)
Enjoy your posts, you are cool!

Angelica on :

I enjoy working out wearing a glitter push up bra and false eyelashes. : )

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