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They just showed on tv that senator McCain is suspending his race for presidency to concentrate on the financial crisis fallout. America might be heading for a great recession. This might be the worst economical crisis since the 20' and 30's.
Tatiana is worried.......No more buckets of money after her stages at The Bush?
No more guys needing a therapeutic chat and lap dance? Say it isn't so!!!
Well, Tatiana doesn't know how much you know about the year 2012, the end of The Mayan calendar. Only a few years away. Major changes might be coming depending on what you believe. Some believe in doomsday and that could very well be the same thing. The Earth might be going through some huge changes, these are interesting times we are living in. We, as the human race should and need to come to an understanding and get enlightened on many different subjects. These changes could be vary scary and violent and there might only be a few humans left on Earth fending for themselves. Or there might be a spiritual, happy ending, hopefully.
Tatiana definitely believes that women need to become fully just as important in society as men, the feminine is just as important as the masculine, hence Yin and Yang, there needs to be a balance. That is of utter importance, right now and since a very long time the masculine has been prevalent and that's why the planet is suffering with wars and problems.
Back in the day women were not allowed to vote, buy property and were even burned alive for any reason at all. We, at least in the Western society have overcame that but true equal status have not been achieved, yet. But we are moving in the right direction. Rifle toting Palin is not a good example though.
Women are natural nurturers (not all, but most) and this planet needs to be nurtured right now because it is suffering. Each and every one of us can make a difference in the right direction. So go out there and do something good today!


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