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Tonight's Pics

I am home in bed and I am hungry, debating with myself if I should rummage through the fridge for some food or forget about it and eat when I wake up instead.......
Tonight's pics from work. My VIVA LA JUICY bottle, love this perfume and so do many others that smell it on me or when I walk by.

New manicure. Colors by OPI. I like the combo of gray and pink.

Tonight was kind of fun. Threatened to rip somebody a size extra large asshole.
And then a guy handed me a $ 1 bill and asked me if I could write down my number on it and give it back to him. LOL. Of course! NOT. We showed the boys such a good time tonight that I know that they will all be talking about us tomorrow and come back soon.


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E. EDWIN on :

Lesson number one. Before going to war. You must choose carefully the field of battle. Also never let known how much you desire. Never tell someone you want them. The pout is one of the greatest weapons, it is provocative. A constant state of acceptance and then anxiety. Know how to say Yes when you mean No and No when you mean Yes. Then when seeing you, they will be expecting a big scene, a drama. You will not give them the satisfaction. This will make them immediately intrigued. You are right there but they can not have you. Make them suffer. Just when they are beginning to feel comfortable, you attack. They are completely destroyed. Goddess of divine retribution and love eternal. Hey, even Johnny Mathis was gay.

Tatiana on :

.......interesting although I am not sure I understand completely what you mean with this but it's 6 27 am while I am reading it, so that might have something to do with that.....
and what does Johnny Mathis have anything to do with the whole deal?

ed on :

Johnny Mathis presented an illusion so powerful to incurable romantics, that the level of emotional pain ultimately had to be resolved through restriction, or restraint with extreme prejudice.

Tatiana on :

That sounds kind of

Angelica on :

Wow that comment is deep ...and extra large ripping of ass is funny!!!

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