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Got home this afternoon after doing some errands and fed my other animals -
the birds. I have an area in the yard where I put out bird food, bread and all kinds of leftovers. Nothing (food wise) goes to waste around here.

Then I had to feed myself. Bread with fried eggs, some yogurt with granola and tea.
I drink tea and coffee everyday.

Tea is full of flavonoids, a type of antioxidant. And in case you didn't know, tea is considered to be a superfood meaning it is very good for you. I prefer black tea and these two are my favorites. Earl Grey and English Breakfast. I like.

Well, now I am going to rest, then take Chhaya out and later work. Maybe some pics from work tonight if I feel motivated.......


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Anonymous on :

Hugs and kisses to you and Chhaya from me and Jasper Jax. We love to read about your daily adventures and thoughts. How old is Chhaya? She is so darn cute!

Tatiana on :

She is going to be 8 in May. How old is Jasper Jax?

Anonymous on :

He will be 10 in June.....he still acts like a crazy lab but I can see he is slower. Like you commented before why can't they live longer! I have had a dog all my life....they are the best companions.

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