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Hard Time

I usually have a hard time getting going in the mornings. I have read that other people feel the same way, kind of have a mini depression if I can use that word, before they settle into their day. Unless I have somewhere I have to be I take a while to get out of bed........then everything feels like a huge task before I actually get around to doing it.
It can be as simple as paying a bill online, just thinking about that bill or the errands that I have to do while I am still in bed makes me want to pull the covers over my head and keep on sleeping. Once I get up and dressed my day starts to unfold and moving.
But those moments when the smallest things feel like mountains are very hard to deal with. What always wakes me up is the first walk of the day with Chhaya, that makes me feel better whether it is sunny or raining. Fresh air is great for your mood.
My plans for today? Well, pay some bills right now, a visit to the gym, take Chhaya out again, laundry and then work.


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I certainly hope so........!

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