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Feeling Better

Feeling better! I did go to the gym earlier, I forced myself to go. Did a 30 minute walk on the treadmill (4.0 speed) and a 10 minute run (6.1). I got really sweaty, it felt good. Then I did some arm exercises on the dip and pull-up machine. 12 times 5 with a 90 lbs case anyone is curios. I have weak arms, can barely do one pushup.
Then I took a nice warm bath. Seriously love my tub and that I can just take a bath whenever, a luxury I definitely am grateful for. I scrubbed myself and applied two face masks, first a clay one and then honey. Once in a while I do take care of my skin a little extra, I used to do it a lot but got lazy.
Now I am in bed, drinking some coconut water and watching Jimmy Fallon, I like Jimmy - he is really cute and funny. So yeah.......I am feeling much better. Life is good again.


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