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Sunday evening

Tatiana changed her schedule and is now off on Sundays, that's a good thing.
Actually Tatiana often feels a slight hint of sadness on many Sundays, it probably stems from childhood, that whole "oh no, the weekend is over and school starts tomorrow" thing. But yeah, Tatiana often feels a little down on Sundays.
So Tatiana watched her new guilty pleasure on VH1, "I love money". Do you watch it too? Who do you think will get the money?
And now Tatiana wants to share some of her great opinions with you.........ready?
Tatiana does not like Sarah Palin, the republican lady from Alaska. Tatiana does not like any ladies that pose with dead trophy animals, yuck. And even more, ladies that want to bring women's rights back to the middle ages with backwards views on abortion.
Sara Palins 17 year old daughter is pregnant. What's really funny is that the boy that impregnated the daughter, had a Myspace page (not anymore) that stated that he did not want kids, and that he is a redneck that likes to shoot things and that if someone messes with him, he will fuck them up. Nice. He definitely needs to do diaper duty.
Now he is forced to marry Bristol Palin, good luck. Kids having children. Why?
People are focusing in way too much that Barack Obama is "black". Really?
Tatiana recalls that he had a white mom, that passed to cancer. His dad is black, so he is mixed. Right? That should be a pretty good representation of America. What more do people want?
Who cares what the next president looks like, it is what that person can do that counts. But even a moron should be able to figure that out.
Tatiana thinks that health care should be free and available to everybody. When people are healthy they can be productive. If America wants to get out of the current economical situation they need productive people. Productive is not somebody sick, that needs to file bankruptcy due to sky high hospital bills. Productive is not another dead or injured soldier overseas. War is wrong. Where does the Hippocratic Oath fit in to the health care business nowadays? If you are not familiar with The Hippocratic Oath, Tatiana is suggesting that you look it up.
Tatiana read that the people that bought their own home and now have trouble with their mortgage payments are "greedy". Interesting. First you get fed all this propaganda about "The American Dream" of being a home owner. That it is better to own instead of renting. And then when the market crashes and people are stuck with a loan that makes them sick, they are called greedy. Maybe they too thought they should have some of that "American Dream". Or is that too much to dream for? Is that dream only allowed to be lived by a selected few of the population?
But the bankers that got millions upon millions in severance pay, they are not greedy. Oh no....... Now they are retired with more money than they could ever spend.
Tatiana thinks this is unfair and disgusting.
Ok, enough of opinions for now. Tatiana is getting tired. She is going to put on her new pink and white Juicy pajama and go to bed.


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Ulrika on :

Ooh poor Tatiana. It's not fun feeling sad on Sundays. I also feel sad most of the sundays. Whats up with that. I dont get it. Anyway you are so right about the presidnt and loan on houses. I bought my flat too, and I am bit worried that we are going to end up in the same situation as USA is in now, but I hope not.

Träning: Tränar ca 4 gånger i veckan. 2-3 konditionspass som består av cykling (i sal på gymmet, ej utomhus. Det är kallt här) eller springa på löpband och 1-2 rena styrkepass i gymmet.

Johnny on :

Tatiana for president!!!

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