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Dinner at The Double Musky

Last night was Tatiana's new best friend Sonja's last night in Alaska. Tatiana met Sonja this summer at the club and liked her a lot. But time has come for Sonja to go back home to California for an exciting, new life. Tatiana will surely miss Sonja......she will visit her in California soon.
The girls decided on going to Maxines in Girdwood for dinner, one of Tatiana's favorite places. It turned out that Maxines was closed so they went to The Double Musky instead. Tatiana had heard about it, it is a rather well known place. It was packed, because as Tatiana predicted, people were spending their dividend money on dinners. Tatiana had the jambalaya and Sonja had a huge steak. It was good. The leftovers were brought back to Chhaya.
And the best part was probably that they saw a black bear walking down the road right in front of the restaurant, Tatiana's first bear in freedom sighting. It was really cute, like a big dog. It's kind of fun that you can see bear and moose walking around the neighborhood in Alaska.
Now Tatiana wants to see a wolf.


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