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I can be somewhat frugal, or should I say mindful. For example, I try to ecodrive as much as possible and I think it is irritating when other people accelerate only to be stepping on the brakes shortly afterwards. I also cut open conditioner bottles, tooth paste tubes and lotion bottles to make sure to use everything that's in there. You would be surprised if you never done this how much product is still in what you might think was an empty conditioner bottle. Plus good conditioner is pricey. So that's a tip for frugal but not when you go to the strip club, then it is time to be generous! Bring at least $ 50 K and make it rain like Drake does. ;-)

I am so tired, slept only for five hours. Thinking about taking a nap before work tonight. Also my cell phone is starting to break down, I don't change phones often so the one I have is old. So I am thinking about getting a new phone but the selection at the AT&T store in town is not the greatest. Plus I can't decide if I should get a smartphone like an iPhone or maybe a Samsung Galaxy or just stick to a "regular" cell phone. That is my problem of the day. I think it is time for a nap now.......


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Anonymous on :

Jasper Jax and I are believing that it RAIN'S on a night you are working very soon! Then you and Chhaya can buy some special treats. I enjoy you sharing your thoughts and views and are a smart girl!

Tatiana on :

Right now I hope it rains pastries or some really good quality chocolate - I am in bed with huge cravings for sweets!
Kissies to Jasper Jax!

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