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Making It Rain

I don't know if you heard anything about it but Drake (a rapper) is the latest "celebrity" to go into a strip club with a wads of dollar bills that he threw all over the girls, hence the expression "making it rain". It is mostly associated with urban (black or Hispanic) guys and happens more frequently in the more urban type strip club IN MY OPINION, from what I have seen. Although I am not saying that white guys ever do this, I have seen them throw money around "making it rain style" too. To me, it is a rather tacky and a poor way of showing that you can afford to be a baller like that, although it is kind of fun to watch. I'd much rather get a few $ 100 bills or $ 50 bills discretely put on my stage or handed to me (and yes it has happened......OF COURSE) than having to crawl around, picking up a few hundred dollars in one dollar bills scattered all over the stage. Plus when the whole stage is covered with money it makes it difficult to dance on it. BUT on the other hand I am not going to frown when somebody does throw large quantities of money on my stage either, I will graciously accept it but like I said......I find it somehow a tacky display of how nouveau riche you are. Anyways........since Drake made the news of going into some club in North Carolina with a box of $ 50 000 that he tipped the girls with many people have voiced their opinions about this.
LIKE.......Drake, there are better ways to spend 50 K than on some strippers and like some "smart" writer Liz Braun wrote in an online article for Sun News, "Yes, yes, strippers need money, too, but it's tough to support anything that further contributes to the objectification of women. Sorry -- to the objectification of bitches and hos."
I see........strippers are bitches and hos and we do not deserve to make a living. On the other hand, women like Liz Braun that sit and write articles on their computer deserve to get large sums of money because she (Liz Braun and her kind) is educated and does not subject herself to objectification. Or maybe Drake should had donated the money to a charity instead? Like Alex Rodriguez's (A-Rod) charity for example that gave a whopping 1 % of the donations received to charitable causes. CLASSY and GENEROUS I must say!
I wonder if Liz Braun would had declined the 50 K if Drake would had dropped it in her lap? I also wonder if she wears make up, high heels and if she acts in any kind of way that would suggest that she contributes to the objectification of women? Do you Liz Braun?
First of all, Drake didn't give the 50 K to one girl, this money was distributed among several girls. So lets say as an example that 20 of the girls working that night got a share of that 50 K, $ 2 500 each. What can you do with $ 2 500? Even 50 K to me is not an astronomical sum of money. 50 K would not dramatically change my life. $ 5 MILLION would but not 50 K. Liz Braun probably thinks that strippers or bitches and hos like she puts it spend the money they make on drugs, booze, maybe some loser boyfriend, expensive handbags, clothes etc when there are people out there starving that need it better. HA HA! Let me tell you what I spend MY money on.........bills, mortgage (property in Vegas), gas, groceries, dog food, savings and investments, expenses in general........And yes once in a while I do buy myself something nice, get a facial or go on a trip and what is wrong with that? I also donate to charitable causes and have a collection going for animals in need. AND 100 % of the donations received will go to the animals, not an embarrassing meekly 1 %.
Liz Braun and people like her should focus their energy and writings on why some celebs flaunt that they can afford a $ 40 K bag as a gym bag or need to wear two really expensive watches on their wrist at a time to show off how rich they about TACKY! If I had let's say Kim Lardassian's (Kardashian) money I would do so much good and definitely not be tacky, you can trust me on that one.
But I also don't have a sex tape out there with some celebrity that will catapult me to fame (neither would I want to) or some over zealous Mom manager (momager) pimping me out. So what that some strippers had a good night at work? GOOD FOR THEM! And good for Drake! He appreciates the ladies! Do they not deserve that or need the money because they are strippers? Do politicians in Washington DC need to make as much as they make when probably half of the time they clock in at work they sit around and yawn, check their Facebook and pick their noses and don't do anything useful at all?
I work for my money that I make in the strip club, thank you!

I did write Sun News an e mail where I told them what I think about Liz Braun and her article and I will leave a comment too. Of course they have not answered know after all, I am just a stripper bitch/ho. LOL. Oh.......little do they know........ ;-)
Read the article here

And before I end this........let me add something here about the objectification of women that apparently I as a stripper contribute to. First of all, if somebody comes into where I work and acts like an ass to me.......I will let it be known and I do NOT tolerate it. I do not need anyone's money that bad. Women dress skimpy all over the place. Does the Victoria's Secret fashion show, Sports Illustrated, The Pirelli Calendar,
the Carl's Jr commercials with women eating hamburgers while clad in small bikinis contribute to the objectification of women? YES! So do not blame it all on the strippers. Strippers are vilified while the girls walking the runway for Victoria's Secret are glorified. Why is that?

PS. NOT me in the pic.


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Angelica on :

I love when it rains money!!! And that woman who wrote the article is a hater swamp donkey slam pig that needs to chill out in a bathtub with blow dryer!!! J.s!!

Tatiana on :

Swamp donkey! OMG that made me laugh! Me lovez you.....

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