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Upper Ohmer Lake

The reason I didn't write any blogs this weekend is because I went camping. I went to a cabin located at Upper Ohmer Lake. It was so nice! The cabin was built in 2004 and anyone can rent it for $ 45/night. The cabin is made out of wood, has two bunk beds, a large table, a wood burning stove and a large deck. It also comes with a boat and oars for when the snow and ice is gone from the lake. I fell in love with the stove, it was small but worked really good. The whole cabin felt so warm and cozy. A different kind of warm than central heating. Now I want a wood burning stove.

Chhaya had a great time, enjoying every minute of running around and sniffing everything. Growling at strange noises at night. Gnawing on different sticks. She even did some ice fishing for the first time.

Things that I like to do when I go camping? Play games, I always bring chess and Scrabble, sometimes Four in a Row. I eat a lot and I always listen to Coast To Coast at night, so COZY and FUN!

I love camping, hiking and hot springs. Staying in a tent is fun but I prefer a rustic cabin with a wood burning stove. I am going again in a few months. If you want to rent this cabin or a similar one in your area or somewhere else, you can do so by booking online.


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Juliana on :

That cabin and Cchaya playing in the snow look wonderful!
Looks like you had a great time ;-)
Once we make it up there, we'll have to rent one.
Lots of love to you and yours,

Tatiana on :

Yes, it was sooooooo nice.........I loved it, especially that wood stove!
Thanks for reading! ❤

Angelica on :

Reminds me of the cabin I stayed in at MT. Charleston what a nice getaway. When I visit u let's rent one and play strip poker ; )

Tatiana on :


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