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Soooooo........I did NOT get a boob job. Of course! That was only a joke, an early April fools joke kind of. :-D HA HA!
What I can say about the possibility about me getting a boob job is that I am happy with my boobs. Although I do have to admit that I do not know how I would feel about them if they looked anything different than they do now, like if I had a kid or two and let's say for some reason I would be dancing after having kids (oh the horror). Then maybe, due to the dancing I would consider getting a boob job. BUT I don't have kids and IF I would have them, I think I would put away my stripper heels for good........
I did not grow up thinking there was anything "wrong" with me unless I had a rack like the Baywatch chicks in the 90's. I worked at the clubs in Vegas where at least 60 % (my guess) if not more of the girls have boob jobs, like D cups on average. It never made me feel like I was "too small". I ❤ my boobs. Too big would definitely be an inconvenience for me and my lifestyle, although I do enjoy looking at a pair of beautiful large boobs. There is a girl that comes into the club here once in a while, she has some big amazing looking boobs. They are gorgeous and real! I am going to see if she will let me take a pic of them so I can show you all. Her boobs in a tight white tank top can cause traffic accidents. And then I have also looked at some weird looking, botched boob jobs in horror, kind of entertaining actually.......! There are girls out there who seem to think that getting some fake boobs will indeed make their life better, I have met and known these girls. Actually there is a link between implants, suicide and depression. If you are a sad person, thinking that the fake boobs will save you somehow you are only setting yourself up for disappointment. Sure you might get some extra attention from guys that will gawk at your chest when you wear a low cut or tight top........and? It takes much more than some fake boobs to keep a man interested in you, fall in love and maintain a meaningful relationship. Any girl can get attention from guys, any girl can have a one night stand, it's easy. I've been getting attention from guys since I was about 14, I'm used to it, I wave it away, it is not that important. Sure it can be fun sometimes but it can also be an unwelcome annoyance. Besides, there is so much more girls should strive for than getting attention from guys. But what we see and hear all around us, the information we get from media tells us something different, if you choose to listen to that and believe in it. I am not saying that there is anything wrong with plastic surgery, just don't think that it will make you happy and solve all your problems. If it was that simple, everybody would invest $ 5000 or so in some boobs and live happily ever after. Being happy and living a good life is more complex than that.........start with feeling happy within yourself.

You want to read a little more about what the "experts" have to say on this subject? implants


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Anonymous on :

Oh I am so thankful you didn't get implants! My doctor misread my MRI and said my were leaking (after having them for 15 years). Thank God they were not and my boobs look just fine without them. My best friends cancer was hidden by her implants....I loved what you had to say about yourself, you are very wise! I love the pic's of Chhaya especially with her perched on the log...sooooooooo adorable!!!

Tatiana on :

That is what would scare me the most about having implants I think -the risks. Implants are after all large foreign objects forcefully put into your body, so of course your body WILL somehow react to them whether you are aware of it or not. I think that many implants look great and as a dancer I have seen many. I have also seen some really bad ones, girls that had boobs with lots of scars and where the implant got encapsulated (hard). Also, it is recommend that you take the implants out after some time and replace them with new ones, the cost and recovery time associated with that would concern me. As well as misread MRI's as in your case and the possibility of hidden cancers.

Angelica on :

We are lucky girls blessed with beautiful boobies!!! Praise the lord to that!

Bil on :

Whew...that would have been a shame. And you didn't give me any time to form my Flash Mob...that was me. I was so worried I forgot to sign.

Tatiana on :

HA HA! ;-)

Barry on :

Having photographed you on numerous occasions I can honestly say, there us absolutely nothing wrong with your boobs!

Tatiana on :

Well.......thank you Barry! can't wait for some more photography with you!

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