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Met another raver at work!

It was this past Tuesday and around midnight at work. Tatiana was trotting around looking extra tasty, looking for prey when a blonde girl walks up to her, asking for a dance. Tatiana sits down for a little chat and this very pretty, blonde, lithe girl precedes to tell Tatiana that she saw her 4 months ago, on stage. And that she remembered Tatiana because she had played TECHNO and wore a KANDI bracelet! That was SO cute of her to say and Tatiana was very flattered........The cuties name was Amber, and she was a raver too! She was planning on going to Freakfest in Seattle for Halloween whereas Tatiana is planning for Monster Massive, of course! And yes, Tatiana danced for Amber and it was great.....
Tatiana has the best costume planned for this year but she won't disclose it yet but there will be pics up eventually for all of you to admire......


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