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Roadtrip in Alaska

If you were at The Bush this past week, searching for Tatiana, you probably got disappointed because she wasn't there........Don't worry, she will be back, soon!
Tatiana went on a road trip. And now she is back. It is never fun to be back to reality from road trips but that's life for now.
It was a great and fun trip! Tatiana spent one evening at the Alaska State Fair in Palmer before heading for Chena and Manley hot springs. The hot springs were really nice.
She also thought about going to Circle hot springs but is saving that for another time.
She also visited Talkeetna, Nenana and some other places on the road and spent a few days in Fairbanks where it was sunny and warm!
Alaska is beautiful. Tatiana hasn't seen enough of it yet.
But now it's time to entertain all her current and future fans at The Bush for a while........


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