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Today I went to a store called Save-U-More and I found some Swedish lingonberries and some other treats that I just love - kakao balls or like we say in Sweden "kokosbollar" or "chokladbollar" or "kakaobollar" LOL! What a nice surprise! And that of course made me feel a little home sick and miss Sweden.......Actually Save-U-More has a bunch of stuff from IKEA. No large items like furniture but smaller things like kitchen and household stuff and toys.
When I was little in Sweden, the kakao balls were actually called "negerbollar", to translate that into English would be "negro balls". Then it became politically incorrect to call them that and that's why today most people in Sweden say "kokosbollar" or "chokladbollar" or "kakaobollar".

Went for a walk with Chhaya, it is starting to get really cold now. I have on layers, gloves, a scarf....... What I need to do is get my winter jackets out this week and wash them. I need tennis balls. Why? When you put a thick fluffy jacket in the dryer the tennis balls will prevent the down from clumping. The tennis balls will keep the clothing fluffy.
Chhaya needs new boots, her little paws get frozen if it's too cold out and I put boots on her. Well, two of her boots have tears in them, therefore I have to get her boots this week too. What else am I doing this week? I think working. I thought of going in tonight but stayed home instead, I can always get busy with something at home. I really do need to go to the gym, at least twice this week. And I am going to bake an apple pie on Thanksgiving. I am going to spend Thanksgiving with some friends. And in the evening I want to relax at home with a movie or two.

Right now I am in bed. Earlier today I put coconut oil in my hair and scalp. I will leave it in overnight until I wash my hair tomorrow. I've heard good things about coconut oil and hair, never tried this before but the results are supposedly great.
Exciting day! I can't be writing about work all the time or put up half naked or naked pics every day. That would not properly describe my life.


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claudia on :

I am soo happy I read this cuz I had two down jackets the dry cleaners would not wash for me...but after reading this I will buy tennis balls n do it myself!!! : )

Tatiana on :

I use three tennis balls, air fluff only, not heat in the dryer.
Wash jackets cold water, zipped up. Look at the directions, mine says no softener and powder detergent.
A tip from Tatiana the bored housewife. LOL.

Anonymous on :

Åh Felix lingonsylt och chokladbollar. Bra att du inte glömmer Svergie. Kram på dig!!!

Tatiana on :

Jag saknar svensk mat, svensk sommar o mina vanner! Kram!

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