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It's a little after 3 in the morning here and Tatiana recently got home from work, it was an ok night, worth driving to work for. Tatiana is warming up with a hot cup of Earl Grey tea, it's only
22 degrees outside........brrrrrrr! The bed looks really inviting but first there will be some face washing and face cream application.
Speaking of work.......Tatiana was actually booked at Heartbreakers in Williston right now for little over a two week stay. But she decided to cancel that booking. Why? Well, Tatiana decided that she is not in the mood to travel so soon again, she recently got back from South Dakota and Vegas. She wants to be home, relax and enjoy time with Chhaya. Also, she wasn't in the mood to go back to Williston right now, it is so boring there. Nothing to see or do during the day besides the coffee shop, grocery store and the gym. Tatiana doesn't want boring when she can have exciting. So......a few days ago Tatiana started planning another work trip and yesterday she got her plane ticket and booked a room to stay. Now this place is big, fun and offers everything at Tatiana's fingertips.
So Tatiana is happy that she decided to go there, she has been thinking about going to work in this place for a while but didn't do anything about it. Well, enough of the's time to get things done. Where is Tatiana going? As usual, she won't say until she is there,
it will be a surprise. You know the drill......keep on reading!
Well, it's time to wash away the mascara and go to bed now. Good night!


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