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Last Night

I had to drive to work in 4 Wheel Drive last night, lots of snow fell yesterday and the roads were slick.
It's kind of funny, the contrasts between outside of the club, where most people wear lots of clothes now to keep warm and inside the club, upon stepping in you see girls wearing stuff like's like heaven and you don't have to die like a martyr to be able to be around lovely young ladies, just come in to the club. Yes, it's true - no need to blow yourself, people and buildings up anymore!

It's not a guarantee that I will be as nice as I look though, my claws come out quick if you are an asshole! And I will rip you a new one, asshole that is......

Since I am going to go and get a haircut today I had Dana take some pics so you can see the length of my hair, so I can compare to before and after the cut. It's not too visible in the pic. Anyways, I am getting a cut and a deep conditioning treatment today. I'm excited!
Funny thing is that I went out yesterday to try to find the girl that cut my hair here in Kenai last time, she did a good job. I went to the salon where she had cut my hair, quite a long time ago now......and she wasn't there. I got told she worked at some other place. So I went over there and the first person I see is her. She told me that she had just talked about me the other day with her coworkers when they were discussing long hair, she said that mine was long and really pretty and that she had been talking about it. How weird is that, I am trying to find her so she can cut my hair and she had just been talking about me.

And this is my latest bra for work that I got in Vegas from Victoria's Secret. I like that the straps have rhinestones on them. It's a cute detail.


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