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Virgin Boy

His name was Chris but I called him Virgin Boy. He was a 24 year old student and still a virgin when I met him at work. He was loyal like a puppy dog.
Virgin Boy was very sweet and nice but it just became too much - he just started liking me too much. It became annoying. And somewhat creepy.
One evening he decided that he wanted 50 dances. That exact amount. In between stages and such I danced for him, I can't remember anymore if we made it to 50.
Another time he spelled out my name in dollar bills on the stage. When I switched to another club he followed. It would take him four hours to drive to the club, one way.
I let him take me shopping once, I had Shelley come with us, it was so awkward I never did that again. Another time I agreed to give him dances outside of work in a hotel room, I did meet him there but it was so weird to be alone with him outside of the club environment that I decided not to dance and we hung out and talked instead.
Private shows are not for me I decided then and there.
Then one day he knocked on my front door. I don't know how he found out where I lived, I suspect he must had followed me home one night after work. I told him that if he ever did that again I would never talk to him again. I think that the thought of me never talking to him scared him so much that he didn't show up at my house again
(to my knowledge). Towards the end his obsession with me became too much for me to handle so I would kind of ignore him when he showed up at work and I didn't want to dance for him anymore because he would stare at me so intently during the dance that it made me feel uncomfortable. And he would grab me and hug me like he was never going to let go.......I felt suffocated. And I felt sorry for him at the same time. Well, he finally gave up and moved on to another girl I heard, her name was Cinnamon. I went to another club and he didn't follow me. Good!
He was a sweet guy but not a guy for me. I hope that he somewhere somehow found a nice girl to build a life with......


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Mandy/Jasmine on :

Ugh...the Stage 5 Clinger. And the 'staring at the face' move...I absolutely hate that, so creepy. Sometimes they even ask, "why won't you look at me?" So many weirdos, so many stories, life of a stripper. lol

Tatiana on :

He He.....yes.....oh the stories....

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