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This Sunday has been nice. It's amazing how some sunshine can make you feel so much better. Happy! After working four nights in a row I decided to take tonight off. Besides, I thought I was going to get second hand smoke poisoning last night, it was so smokey at work I almost felt sick, I had a hard time finding clean air to breathe. I hate that I am subjected to breathing in second hand smoke, it's gross and unhealthy. I think that every club and bar should be made smoke free, smokers can smoke in a designated area or better yet - quit. So around 1 AM I decided to go home, it was totally lame anyways, just some people sitting around the bar, smoking, drinking and talking, not getting dances. So since I wasn't making any money I decided that I'd rather go home than breathe in carcinogenic smoke. Plus some annoying guy thought that maybe me and him could be friends outside of the club, like go to the movies or some other bar in town because he doesn't have any friends in town. thank you. It's nothing personal but you can talk to me at work, besides I do not go to any of the other bars or "clubs" around here. It's ok to ask but it becomes annoying when people (guys) don't understand NO and keep on asking, trust me if I wanted to see you outside of work I would let you know.
Also, a girl I work with that comes in from Anchorage once in a while declared that she has had a crush on me since the summer, she supposedly loves my butt and my hair and she wants to photograph me. She said she can take great pictures. Why not? I like having my picture taken, if the person holding the camera knows how to use it. Angles and light - crucial.
Today I went to town to do some errands, got some movies, a latte. Later on I had a delicious dinner. Took a bath. Now I am drinking tea and reading other people's blogs. Most of them live in Sweden where blogging is huge.


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claudia on :

I would like to take a hott bath with you!!! Then drink tea : )

Tatiana on :

And me with you!
: )

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