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It's Saturday, cold and gray outside with a resemblance of a sun shining somewhere far away in the gray sky. I can feel that moody winter blues slowly setting in, not good. There is snow here already although today it's heavy, wet and a little slushy today.
I worked three nights so far - work has been uneventful. There is not a lot of money to be made here now but I can't sit around at the house, doing nothing and live off my savings - that would be really dumb.
I managed to go to the gym yesterday and I am going to try to keep that up a few times a week throughout the winter. Last February or so I thought I got chunky, for me, I don't want that to happen this winter.
Right now I really miss Vegas and what I have there. :-(
My plans for today? Walk with Chhaya, gym then work. At least I have Chhaya, she makes me happy.
That's all I have for now. Boring......I know, I know but that's how I feel today......boring and gray.


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