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OMG, I just saw this! Kate: The Kate Moss Book. Author Kate Moss. ❤!!! I LOVE Kate, she is absolutely my fave model, though I love and appreciate many models, who doesn't appreciate drop dead gorgeous women? But Kate......there is something about her.....she is also a Capricorn like me, so I know she is a fierce and temperamental girl.......I NEED Kate's book! ❤


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Anonymous on :

And what about the Fargosisters blog? Author Tatiana.
I would say that Kate does make a lovely second place showing.

Tatiana on :

: )
I might make a book out of my blog with some extra bonus stuff in the book, like photos and writing......
You need?
: )

Anonymous on :

I like fierce and tempermental bonus stuff - I want to read such things.

Yes, I need. ")

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