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In Bed

I am in bed watching Dateline, I like that show. It's scary and strange what people are capable of doing all in the name of love, hate and revenge. Chhaya is sleeping by my feet, she is farting because I fried up some eggs for her earlier.
Soooooo.......back in Kenai - yeaaaahaw! It's colder than Vegas that's for sure but not very cold, that will come.....soon. I should probably go running before it's snows. My life in Kenai is so slooooow compared to Vegas. Vegas is non stop if I want it to be. Here is Kenai, there is no non stop even if I wanted to.
I think I might return to work Wednesday or Thursday. Friday for sure.
I have pictures from my Halloween but the internet connection here has been painfully slow so I am going to have to go to a coffee shop to upload and resize all the pics but they are coming soon!


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