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Bye Vegas.......

Spent my last day in Vegas with my friends. First I met up with Julia for some sweaty time at the gym, then we went and had coffee and a well needed talk to sort some much overdue issues out........good! After that I had to run some errands. Some last minute things to get, like more lashes, shampoo and bubble wrap.

Then I got home, showered, glued on some lashes and met up with Julia again, this time for a photo shoot. A friend of hers needed a girl to model for a shoot and the girl turned out to be me. It was fun and hopefully I get some cute images out of it. Photo shoots are usually fun, except when the photographer turns out to be a prick and doesn't keep his end of the bargain. Happened to me twice so far - disappointing and a waste of my time and effort. Just another lesson in that some people are nasty assholes, unfortunately.
In the evening I went out with my Mikey Skrink for some fun. We were going to check out a new club called The Act that just opened up at The Palazzo, I heard some good things about it and thought it would be exactly my kind of place. But The Act was not we went to eat and to a gay club and watched buff cuties run around in man panties and some freaks that I suspect were still up and partying since the night before......

I had to leave for the airport at 4 30 is the last pic of Vegas - yes, you can gamble at the airport.

And this is what I love to see when I arrive in Vegas, the stone animal decorations at the airport. This is a rabbit, then there is also a lizard and and a snake. When I see them I get a happy homey feeling in my body.

Well, I had to leave Vegas for this time around, I will miss my friends and my fun Vegas life. :-(
I am back in AK now.


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Ulliss on :

I will miss vegas and you! I hope i get to see you soon again. Xxx

Tatiana on :

Me too! Then we can go out and have some fun again!
: )

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