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Went on a day trip to China Ranch and to Tecopa mud baths yesterday. I love taking people that have never been there before because it's a great adventure, very scenic, nice and not too far from Vegas, although technically China Ranch is in California by Death Valley.

Also mandatory while at China Ranch is a visit to the gift shop for a yummy date shake. They grow date trees at China Ranch and you can sample the fruits inside. The hike I go on is to the Slot Canyon. I also found out that there is a hike to a waterfall, so we went there too.

I love nature, hiking, hot springs, skiing, anything that I can do outside that doesn't involve a large engine roaring in my ears. I want to be able to move my body in nature instead of sitting in a car or some other vehicle. So when I am outside getting sweaty and dirty I am very happy girl.

After the hike I took my friends to the mud baths in Tecopa and we splashed around in the hot water for a while, played with the mud.

The drive back to Vegas on a desolate desert road was lit up by a gorgeous full moon. When I got home I was tired but happy.
Great day yesterday. There might be some more pics from this adventure up on the blog since I haven't seen what Rich and Ulrika got yet. I know they got some good pics.......
But now I am off to start my day. I am starving so I need something in my belly, like a latte and then I am picking up Julia and heading to the gym. No plans yet for's Halloween!


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