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Being Boring

Tatiana spent basically all day with Julia. First breakfast that consisted of almond croissants from Whole Foods and a chai for Tatiana, a vanilla soy latte for Julia, both with whipped cream of course. Julia introduced Tatiana to Aloe vera juice, not bad actually.....Tatiana liked.

After that, the Forum Shops and Town Square mall. Tatiana is taking care of most of her Christmas shopping now. While she is around things worth shopping for.

Later on it was gym time. Tatiana got a week pass so she will go every day until she leaves.
Back on that high stairmaster, Tatiana loves the burn she feels in her inner thighs.
After dropping Julia off, Tatiana went to Whole Foods again to get some dinner and hot tea. Found a very cute and Da Nang TOKIDOKI calendar at Barnes & Noble.

Then home for some downtime and a bath. Saturday night in Vegas, Tatiana is at home being a boring fogbone. Yeay!
In her soul she really, really wishes she was dancing non stop for hours to some HOUSE music. She can taste it in her mouth, the bass, the feeling, the happiness - Tatiana loves dancing.
Too bad Monster Massive got cancelled........ :-( Tatiana is feeling nostalgic and a little sad.


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