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I Can't Get No Sleep

It's after one am and I can't sleep, I have been trying to sleep for over two hours now. One am is not that late but I am supposed to be driving to LA in a few hours. At this point I have pretty much decided NOT to go because I get sleepy if I am not rested and have to drive far and that's not good. AND I have anxiety because I want to sleep but I can't. I have an appointment for my hair before noon in LA that I will have to cancel.
I guess I can always go another time......but I feel bad for cancelling.
Also I was set to go to Monster Massive this evening, Reza put away tickets for me as usual.
Then he texted me last night with the sad news that the party got cancelled AGAIN, just like last year. I feel so bad that this is happening. Monster Massive.......I can't even describe the many amazing memories I have from that party, it was my fave rave of the year. How sad! I am not sure why, permits, police, politics, difficult to throw raves in LA (that's why EDC moved to Vegas).
I know that if I go to LA I could still do something fun but I don't think I am going at this point. And I feel SO BAD to cancel my plans because I never ever do that, I am so not a flake. But I can't drive 300 miles alone on about four hours of sleep. Even for me that's stretching it. If I was driving with somebody then yes but not by myself. So, unless I change my LA for me this time around...... :-(


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