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Great Day......Of Course!

Woke up early and went to the gym with Julia. After that some lattes, shopping and talking.
Later on dinner with Mikey. Drove with the top down, I love Vegas this time of year! ❤
Now chocolate cake and tv.


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Jeff on :

350Z convertible! ...a girl after my own heart! P.S. I found your blog while researching ingrown hairs of all things! (I'm not a sicko, I had one a couple of weeks ago...) ;-) Now I'm hooked! Beautiful, intelligent, well spoken, and great taste in cars to boot! What's not to like???

Tatiana on :

Well.....Thank You and welcome to my blog.
I hope you will like it and no worries about the ingrown hair research....I'm kind of obsessed with stuff like that myself.

Jeff on :

Yes, I had never had an ingrown hair before, and to see if that's what it was, I googled images of them and I found the picture of you from a couple years ago with the "miso hot" undies. Of course I had to click on it, and that's how I found your blog. I must say you live in a beautiful place! I'm jealous of all the scenery pictures you post! Also Chhaya is so cute! She's a pit bull right! My sister has a pit and he is the greatest dog ever!

Tatiana on :

Ha Ha....yes that entry and pic made it on google images for ingrown hair pics. Kind of funny.
Yes, Chhaya is a pit, she is my best friend! ♥

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