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Running Around

Since yesterday Tatiana has been running around meeting up with friends, shopping and dining. Fun and busy! The schedule is full.
You would probably never recognize Tatiana in the daytime. The hair is up, there are no tarantula lashes and no trace of make up. Comfortable is how she dresses, preferably in soft sweats or leggings and flip flops. High heels during the day? Never. This is Tatiana's usual daytime look.

Tatiana met up with Julia today for coffee and shopping. It was very DA NANG.

Here is a PERFECT bra for all the ladies that want to make a statement at work. The $ bra!
You can find it at Victoria's Secret, hurry before it sells out! Tatiana did not get it, it's a little too loud for Tatiana's taste although she thinks it's fun.

Tatiana searched for a new bra in a few Victoria's Secret stores, something she didn't have yet. And indeed she managed to fine ONE, it's kind of a light pink/blush color with some rhinestones on the cups and the straps are lined with rhinestones, not bad for work.

There are pumpkins for sale and Halloween is around the corner. Tatiana loves Vegas this time of year!


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bil on :

Good to see your having fun. Day
time look is just as great!

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