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South Dakota

It took me a long time to get here......but I made it safely. Four different airplanes and a three hour long car ride.
This is what greeted me when I got off the final plane in Sioux Falls. I think they forgot to mention the dancers. The sign should say Welcome Hunters and Strippers. Or dancers, whatever word you prefer to use, I tend to mix them.

On the drive to my destination I crossed over the Missouri river for the first time ever. It is large and majestic. I had to take a pic.

The reason mostly men from all over the US come to small places in South Dakota at this time of the year is to hunt pheasants. I guess they think it is a "fun" and "exciting” sport. Though I think it is pure animal cruelty. The pheasants are brought up just to be hunted. Barbaric if you ask me.

I work in a very small town called Dallas, population 144. I can't even imagine living here year round. Well, I guess I could if I had a farm full of horses and other cute animals to occupy my time with.
The food here sucks. There is one coffee shop in Gregory a few miles away from Dallas and the place was closed down at one in the afternoon. I ate at some "restaurant" and I do not think I will go back there. Two ladies eating at the table next to me complained that their food tasted bad and was cooked wrong. And most people that I saw around town were on the heavy side and unhealthy looking, even the kids. Soda and fried food seem the be the staple foods here.

The place I work at is called Frank Day's. I was here last year in November, look for it in my archives to read the blogs from then.
I remember thinking last year that it was hands down THE craziest club I have ever worked at. And all those memories came back in full force last night, just as crazy now, if not more! The guys here expect A LOT from you. And most of the girls do whatever touching wise, it seems . I had to wrestle with almost every guy I danced for and say NO repeatedly - kind of like entertaining rapists. Not fun. It's actually really fucking annoying to have to tell grown men NO, over and over again. Really? I don't know if I am going to last 10 days here......maybe, maybe not.
But no means no. Yes, really! Until I slap you hard and kick you in the balls. I am not at all interested in having some strangers touching me in between the legs with their dirty hands or giving me breast exams. No thanks. GROSS.
And the girls do a lot on stage too. I saw a girl get off the stage, sit down naked on a guys head and pick up a one dollar bill with her VAGINE.
I had to follow her (of course). Some fat guy put up a $20 and I just danced around on stage as usual, I would never get off the stage to straddle people, sit on their heads and certainly not pick up bills with anything else besides my hand. So he got all huffy and puffy, didn't think that I delivered a "good enough show" for the $20, so I told him to keep it. I don't need it.
Last year I did ok here (actually), sticking strictly to the way I work, so it might be decent this year too but I don't think I will be coming back here, it's just a tad too much for my taste. But never say never! Frank Day's is owned by a really nice lady, Shelley Day and it is a very lively and fun place. If you are a guy that wants to practice giving breast exams to many different girls for a very cheap price, then this certainly is the place to come to. Also, fun people watching, good food (might try it for lunch tomorrow) and enthusiastic dancing in the dining room to the juke box that blasts mostly country songs on full volume.
A few girls were pretty, two really nice black girls, both very beautiful. One of them reminded me of Stacy Dash, her name is Naomi and she is my girl crush here......And one blonde very pretty girl I remember from last year. The rest of the crew so far.....ok.

Well, I am going to go outside and enjoy the weather before getting ready for work. I hope tonight will be better than last night because it wasn't that good.
Oh and my new fave song? Diamonds by Rihanna. I love her!


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