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It's almost 5 AM and I am about to take a warm bath and relax in it for a while. Got home from a night of work that felt like it was dragging on forever. But it's over now and I am back at home, munching on a salad.
I had a lingering headache all night long and then somebody blew some nasty cigarette smoke really close to me while I took a breath and I inhaled that smoke and got super nauseous and was close to throwing up the last hour I was at work. I must have looked miserable because guys were acting very "concerned" asking the other dancers and the bartender why I looked sad/upset/sat by myself and bla bla bla. Exhausting! A few sent over drinks. I only drink soda water and cranberry juice at work (occasionally coffee) so it's not like I am going to have a shot and feel much better right away. Well, the miserable look must have been popular tonight because I left with close to the amount of this years Permanent Fund Dividend, or maybe they just felt sorry for me? Oh well, either way.
I wish work was smoke free, I do not like to be subjected to cigarette smoke - it's gross and unhealthy. When I was 13 I smoked for about a month, thinking I was a cool little girl or something. Well, I felt ill every time I took a drag of a cigarette, I am happy that it didn't become a bad habit.
It is time for that bath now.......I feel like a tired ashtray.


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