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Must Be The Moon

I have felt weird all day. First I couldn't get out of bed......I finally crawled out of it by 1 30 PM, even for my standards that's late......and I was still feeling tired.
Then when it got to be later in the day I started feeling I was going to crawl out of my skin. I think I got affected by the moon, well that's my explanation anyway. The moon was really big this evening when it started creeping up on the sky. Later on, when I took this picture, it looked more normal size wise. Still very pretty.
So here is the sun setting this evening.

And the moon early on this chilly evening, pay attention to the reflection in the water.......

I am in bed watching music videos, I love doing that - music videos can keep me occupied for hours. Chhaya is sleeping next to me, she is dreaming, kicking me while she is running in her dream and making cute noises.
I did my laundry tonight. Stripper laundry. Hand wash only.
Feel that I need a new book to asap. I have reading withdrawals and I want a new one, not re read one that I already have.

If you want to hand wash my delicates for me.....I am now taking applications. It will only cost you $ 800/month for the privilege.


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Dirty on :

That is funny about the music videos because I have been doing the same thing and I wanted to ask you if you have seen the video of that David Guetta song called "Titanium" ? I like the song and thought you would like it too. But yeah, I watch music videos every morning.

Tatiana on :

No I haven't, I will look for it now.

Dirty on :

Def listen to the song, I think it's great.

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