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Is Tatiana dating?

Questions Tatiana gets ALL the time, "Do you date", or, "Do you have a boyfriend?"
OF COURSE! Right now Tatiana is busy dating this guy......."The Steel Hammer."

And before him Tatiana was dating this guy......her cutie "Volodya" - that keeps calling her and wants her back btw. Hmmmm, Tatiana is a little tempted to take him back, he is such an irresistible cutie! Very SEKSI.

Tatiana must have a weakness for Eastern Bloc guys, especially with the name Vladimir.
Maybe Tatiana dated Vlad the Impaler in a past life?
Besides these two handsome strong men, Tatiana harbors crushes on Chester Bennington and Rihanna.


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Dirty on :

you remember "NOVIO" from Jaguars? he would come in like once or twice a month and get drunk and spend crumpled up twenties on dances?

Tatiana on :

Of course I remember little NOVIO!

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