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I am in bed, it's only 10 30 PM and I could fall asleep right now. SO tired.
Recap of the week. I worked Tuesday - Saturday. Went running four times, aimed for five but didn't go yesterday. Had a vanilla latte every day. Of course! Work It was ok. I did meet a very nice person that is in town working as a surgeon. We talked a lot about his time in Nigeria when he was there with Doctors Without Borders. That is very impressive to me. He told me about a young girl that came in, (only 12 years old) she had been raped and was so badly injured that they had a difficult time stopping the bleeding. :-(
I recently read an article about women in Nigeria that drop off their newborns at the dump because they do not want them. Abortion is illegal in Nigeria. I am not sure how they feel about birth control. But if you are poor, I guess buying birth control might not be topping the list of things to get. Too bad that abortion is illegal in some places, I think an aborted fetus would be a much better solution than a newborn baby dying at the dump.
Sometimes people wonder if I go out around here. Well......NO. I have been to the few options available here to check them out, not really my cup of tea. I LOVE going out, with one good friend or a group of fun people to either a rave or a club with the kind of music I like. But if I am going to get ready and go anywhere where music is played around here and have guys hit on me.......I might as well go to work and get paid at the same time. And the most of my time off is spent at home, peaceful and quiet.
I dug up my potatoes today. My first crop ever! They are so pretty, red. Here's a pic of them.

I'm not going to put up bikini pics every day ok, so today you'll get my potatoes! some sad news the other day about a friend. Put some stuff in perspective for me.......even if only for a while. Life is very fragile.
We can be here today and gone tomorrow. Some leave much too early.


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